In all industries there are companies that manufacture quantity in order to meet demand from the masses and then there are companies that produce very limited but extremely high quality products for clients that demand perfection, beauty and uniqueness.  In automotive Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini produce more than a car they produce a lifestyle, a reflection of the driver’s need for the ultimate experience.  Very few of us can afford a Bentley but in the road bicycle realm an exclusive machine like a Sarto is within reach and will satisfy our demand for the pinnacle of the industry.

Antonio Sarto began his work as the frame builder for professional riders.  He produced the frame to measure and to meet the needs of the pro but then sent the raw frame away to be painted in the team colors.  Seldom was Antonio Sarto given credit for the many great victories his frames were ridden.  Of course in the beginning he worked with steel as this was the high technology of the time in Italy and then when lighter alloys were in style he began to work with aluminum and now today carbon is the excepted material for it’s extreme lightness, rigidity and ability to customize.  At the Sarto level it is not enough to build with off the shelf carbon but Antonio and now his son Enrico must have a hand in the design and engineering of the carbon tubes and they utilize the custom capabilities of this amazing bicycle frame material.  Also in order to build custom made to measure carbon frames they have perfected the tube to tube laminated method of carbon frame production.  It takes much more time to build this way and all the stringent quality checks and finishing details must be met in order make a frame suitable for a top pro or an enthusiastic amateur.

At Era Pro Bike we were one of the first USA dealers to sign up for an exclusive Sarto dealership because it was very easy to recognize the top quality and the perfection of work, especially when it comes from Italy.  The ultimate decision maker was the test ride.  Very few bikes have the balance, the handling, the magic combination of comfort and stiffness and the feel of a Sarto.  Every model rides with the same quality of performance, the same light but powerful feel and a bicycle that rides totally in control by the cyclist.  Our customers also have given us valuable feedback and to say each Sarto bicycle has exceeded expectations.

Every Sarto bicycle can be customized.  Geometry can be ordered custom because this is what Sarto does.  Colors can be personalized as well as cable routing and brake choice.  Each Sarto is built to order by hand and by Italian artisans.  The process to order a Sarto is first to spend some time working on the fit.  We will take the anthropomorphic measurements necessary for Sarto to design the frame and then we will work together to choose the appropriate model for your cycling needs.  Finally the aesthetic design is finalized to meet our client’s taste.  The result a few weeks later is the ultimate dream bike and the first ride will deliver an amazing cycling experience!

Sarto has 7 stock road bike frame models and each is designed for a specific need for the cyclist.  The Sarto Asola model is the ultra light racing bike which dances up the steepest climbs.  The Sarto Lampo is the aerodynamic road racing machine where every watt is maximized.  The Sarto Dinamica is the power rider’s choice suitable for criteriums and road races.  The Sarto Veneto SL is the most comfortable carbon model and designed for the Gran Fondo and the Sarto Seta is the top model where no compromise is made for lightness, stiffness and comfort.  Sarto has two specialty models; the Gravel TA and the Verox Time Trial bike.  Stop by the shop to see the frame in person or call us for a consultation.



Do you want a custom carbon frame for the cost of mass produced frame?  Handmade by Italian artisan vs. cheap Asian production?  Look no further than the Sarto Veneto SL.  With it’s smooth clean lines and round tubes the Veneto SL maybe the most versatile frame in the Sarto range and the most affordable.  This model has the least rigid flex index making it the most comfortable Sarto and the perfect choice for Gran Fondo and club riders as well as lighter cyclists.  You have lots of color choices and for an upcharge custom geometry and disc brakes are an option.

Here are the Details
Carbon material       M40J with 3k weave
Frame weight raw    900 grams
Flex Index                105 N/mm
Headset                   1 1/8 x 1 1/2
Cable routing           Universal for electronic or mechanical

Frameset Price         $3499

Please call 717 560 9000 or e-mail for complete custom build kit options.  We offer Sram, Shimano and Campy groups and you can choose wheels, tires, saddle, stem and bar.



The special tube shapes, the oversize downtube and the custom drawn seatstays and chainstays make the Dinamica the most rigid and powerful Sarto model.  With a flex index of 130 N/mm the Sarto Dinamica is the frame choice of many professional racers.  The Dinamica has instant acceleration, has extremely good pedaling efficiency and just sticks to the corners.  Ideal frame for powerful riders, sprinters and racers who love to hammer in the big ring.  The Sarto Dinamica is the choice for criterium racer.  Color choices and customizable features like BB shell, disc brakes and custom geometry are available.

Here are the Details
Carbon material        M46J with 3k weave
Frame weight raw     900 grams
Flex Index                 130 N/mm
Headset                    1 1/8 x 1 1/2
Cable routing            Universal for both electronic and mechanical

Frameset Price          $4699

We offer custom build kits at affordable prices.  You can build your Dinamica with groups from Sram, Shimano or Campy and either electronic or mechanical shifting.  We offer the best wheels from Campy, Mavic, Fulcrum, Zipp, Enve and you can choose saddle and bar and stem.  We cover all the details including color of the bar tape.  Call 717 560 9000 for a quotation.



The lightest Sarto at amazing 700 grams is the Asola model.  We have sold several of these fantastic bikes and they can easily tip the scales at under 14 lbs!  The best part is the stability, power and control of this model unheard of from a bike this light.  The Sarto Asola is a beauty in its simplicity from the straight tubes to the round sections and the natural carbon sections showcase the work of Sarto.  The Asola is the perfect example of ultimate engineering, technology, quality material and workmanship.  The finish quality of paint is top shelf.

Here are the Details

Carbon material      M55J & M46J with 1k weave
Frame weight raw   700 grams
Flex Index               115 N/mm
Headset                  1 1/8 x 1 1/2
Cable Routing          Universal for electronic or mechanical

Frameset Price        $5199

Customize your Sarto Asola with your choice of group, wheels, and accessories.  Our experts are here to assist to build your dream bike.  All assembly is done by professional factory trained mechanics.  Call 717 560 9000 for a quotation.



The Sarto Lampo is built for pure speed.  Lampo is the most aerodynamic model with it’s aero tube profiles to the special internal seatpost clamp to the internal cable routing.  Sarto engineers applied principles from Computational Fluid Dynamics to create tubes with less air resistance.  Of special interest is the Triple Edge Technology on the fork legs and down tube which acts like dimples on a golf ball to dissipate wind resistance.  Lampo has the stiffness and frame balance for an all around race bike that you can pedal away from the competition.  Breakaway with the Sarto Lampo

Here are the Details

Carbon Material      M55J & M46J with 1k or UD finish
Frame weight         950 grams
Flex Index               120 N/mm
Headset                  1 1/8 x 1 1/2
Cable Routing         Internal Universal

Frameset Price        $5199

A bicycle like Lampo deserves the best components.  Call our experts to build your personal dream bike.



No technology is held back when Sarto created the Seta.  Seta means “silk” and this word best describes the ride; just silky smooth and totally in control.  The Sarto Seta is balanced to perfection making the descents super stable after the climb was handled with ease.  A light but powerful frame the Seta will not disappoint the most compelling rider.  There are only a few carbon bikes on the market that meet the all around attributes of the Seta; maybe the Casati Aliena or the Tommasini VLC3 and these rank as our favorites.  The Sarto Seta will amaze you.  Full custom options are available from Sarto along with some stunning paint schemes and colors.

Here are the Details

Carbon Material       M55J & M46J with 1k weave
Frame weight          750 grams
Flex Index                115 N/mm
Headset                   1 1/8 x 1 1/2
Cable Routing           Universal for electronic or mechanical

Frameset Price        $5699

Come on go for it; Campagnolo Super Record EPS and Bora Ultra wheels.  Maybe a Deda stem and seatpost painted to match the frame and even a Sarto saddle color matched.  This incredible bicycle deserves the best components.  Call today 717 560 9000 for us to begin your Super Bike



For the rider who wants to go further than the smooth tarmac and explore the unbeaten path look no further than the Sarto Gravel TA.  This disc specific bike can be built as a gravel road bike or for cyclocross competition.  The frame is built with asymetrical tubes to maximize stiffness and efficiency and the flat mount system is used for universal disc brakes.  Thru Axle design 142 x 12mm and internal cable routing complete the features.  Of special interest are the leather trim features on the top tube and down tube to prevent the dings and dents that plague this style bike.

Here are the Details

Carbon material       M40J with 3k weave
Frame Weight          1050 grams
Flex Index                115 N/mm
Disc Brake                Flat Mount System
Headset                   1 1/8 x 1 1/2
Cable Routing          Universal for electronic or mechanical

Frameset Price         $5199

The Sarto Gravel TA is a fun project bike and is easy for us to offer a custom parts selection.  Just call or e-mail for your quotation



Maybe the ultimate time trial bike on the planet.  Custom geometry is available in order to achieve the best position on this speed demon.  All tube shapes are optimized for aerodynamics.  Direct mount brakes and of course internal cable routing.  For our triathlon friends you can now achieve your best bike splits ever!

Here are the Details

Carbon Material        M40J with 3k weave
Frame Weight           1400 grams
Flex Index                 95 N/mm
Bottom Bracket         PF 86.5 x 41
Brake System            Direct Mount
Cable Routing           Internal for electronic or Mechanical

Frameset Price          $6699

Time Trial machines like the Sarto Ferox deserve the best components and especially aero wheels.  We can build your dream TT bike to your personal specifications.  We are just a phone call away at 717 560 9000