Since 1992 Era Pro Bike Shop has fitted discerning cyclists in Central PA with custom road bikes.  From this time Era Pro Bike recognized that Italian racing bikes are the world leader in design, technology and quality.  Our beginnings as a bicycle pro shop emphasized professional fittings, wheel building and we became a Campagnolo service center.  Colnago, DeRosa and Tommasini were the first Italian racing bikes to grace our showroom and later we worked with Carrera to bring this innovative Italian brand to the U.S. market

At first our offerings were Italian steel bikes as steel was the material of choice for professional racing bikes in the early 1990s.  The Colnago Master, DeRosa Primato and Tommasini Tecno are timeless Italian steel bikes we still sell today.  New frame materials provide our customers a huge selection of carbon, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and steel custom road bikes.  Check our range of bikes and you will find the highest quality builders with historic racing pedigree and reputation for quality and performance.  We continue to work with Colnago, DeRosa, Tommasini and Carrera but have added other superb brands such as Casati, Sarto and Olmo.

At Era Pro Bike Shop the proper fitting of cyclist to the road bike is our highest priority.  We use a Bio Size machine for accurate measurements and the Easy Frame software to develop custom frame geometry.  Having visited the factories and worked with the fit technicians at Carrera and Tommasini we have the expert training and experience to fit a cyclist for maximum performance and comfort.

Campagnolo is our primary component supplier and we are proud to be a Campagnolo Pro Shop.  Our mechanics are experts at setting up your bike with your personalized choice of group, wheels, saddle and bar and stem.  Price our custom road bikes and you will find they are the same price as some mass produced stock bikes

A visit to our showroom in Lancaster, PA is like a trip to Italy and cycling connoisseurs will always find something with tradition, heritage and aesthetic appeal.  We encourage you to peruse our website, call or e-mail for advice in selecting your perfect dream bike.  Even better, visit our showroom in Lancaster, PA where exceptional custom road bikes are built

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