In our constant search for the highest quality bicycle parts we discovered a small company in Bergamo, Italy called PMP.  We started selling their hubs and headsets and soon discovered they have the smoothest bearings and the best finish quality even surpassing Campagnolo.  We have built alot of wheels with the K002 and K025 hubs and have found that the hubs outlast the rims!  This kind of durability is unheard of in this new disposable world of bike parts.  We have also found the carbon and titanium seatposts are the best of the market with zero warranty or return.  The seatposts come in 3 different setbacks; 0mm, 14mm and 27mm so we can get the cyclist the most precise pedaling position on the bike.  Most recently the wheels RS03 and RS04 have become very popular with the best weight to strength ratio and since they are PMP hubs the wheels have fantastic spin!   All PMP parts are machined in their factory in Italy.  Clean functional design, the best performance and outstanding durability set PMP apart from all the others.  PMP offers some great parts to upgrade your bike.