A great combination of aluminum and carbon, the Carbolight is built with custom drawn Columbus XLR8 joined to a Columbus Muscle carbon rear triangle and includes a Columbus Muscle fork.  The ride benefits from the properties of the 2 materials; the lightness, rigidity and liveliness of the high quality aluminum and the dampening, lightness and rigidity of the carbon.  The result is superb.  This frame is 52cm sloping with a 55cm top tube and 145mm head tube.  It was built as a show bike for Interbike but never ridden.
Tommasini quality and top performance at a great price.

MSRP $3495       SALE PRICE  $1995  We offer custom parts kits from Campagnolo, Sram and Shimano.  Call us for a quote     717 560 9000



Irio Tommasini’s work with steel is legendary.  Now his modern creations with tig welded steel frames like Fire, X Fire and Carbofire push the boundaries of performance.  The Carbofire is an amazing frame with the combination of Columbus Spirit steel and his own carbon rear triangle as well as the addition of a carbon seat tube.  The seat tube features hand cut lugs to join the carbon tube.  This is some amazing work.  Carbofire is one of our favorite rides.  Super smooth but with cat like quickness and response the Carbofire is a great all around bike.  This frame is 52cm sloping with 55cm top tube and 160mm head tube.  Only 1 frameset left in stock so hurry for your piece of Tommasini history.

MSRP  $3995    SALE PRICE  $2995



This is the 2nd generation Tommasini Gran Ducato, a carbon frame made in Italy.  This frame features a high resistance and high modulus material with a K 3 weave.  Fork is by Mizuno with shark fins to improve air flow.  The triangle down tube is both super strong and has excellent rigidity.  Best of all a threaded bottom bracket shell for easy maintenance and less noise!  This frame is very lightened has a perfect balance of stiffness and comfort.  Quality is what you expect from the Tommasini shop.  Frame size is 52 sloping with 56.5 top tube and 165mm head tube

MSRP  $3595    SALE PRICE  $1995

Looks great with a Campy Record or Chorus kit.  Call us to discuss your custom parts kit and Tommasini will deliver a dream bike



Irio Tommasini began welding titanium in his shop in the mid 90s.  He realized to keep an area super clean and without contamination he had to build a special laboratory to properly weld titanium frames.  The welding zone is purged with argon gas to prevent compromise of weld due to contamination.  In this setting he builds a few frames with this exquisite material.  Titanium has great properties for bicycles.  It is super light, has lots of elasticity and will not corrode.  The Carbomach model features a carbon full cage rear triangle and this helps reduce torsion flex to improve performance and efficiency.  This rare frame is the last in stock.  Size is 52 sloping with 55.5 top tube and 145mm head tube.

MSRP  $4995      SALE PRICE  $2995

You can build with parts of your choice.  Our custom parts kits from Shimano, Campy and Sram are the affordable way to build this exquisite Tommasini.  Call us at 717 560 9000 to discuss


The Moser M78 is a fine example of the aluminum/carbon mix.  A perfect combination for high level road training and racing.  This is a sweet deal on a leftover frame.  Save 50% on the frame set and for a little over 2K we can have you on a complete bike with Ultra or Potenza kit.  Size on this M78 is 56cm x 56cm top tube.

MSRP   $1795    SALE PRICE  $895


This model is the last of the Moser fillet braze steel frames.  Using Dedacciai EOM 16.5 and masterfully fillet brazed to an ultra smooth finish and combined with Deda’s rear carbon this stunning bike is one of the finest steel frames from Moser’s shop.  Super light and stiff enough for great performance but also comfortable enough for long gran fondo races the M81 is a frame with Francesco Moser’s time tested pedigree.  Only 1 remains and it is 56cm x 56cm top tube

MSRP   $2995    SALE PRICE   $1595



The Asolo is Sarto’s top model in their ultralight range.  Sarto builds custom carbon frames in the tube to tube method and they use their own proprietary carbon material.  This frame weighs 800 grams and has specific tube shapes to maximize efficiency as well as improved comfort.  The Asolo is the climbers dream bike.  It responds instantly to hard out of saddle punches and also spins effortlessly in long seated climbs.  This is a frame raced by many professional teams under different marquees.  The craftsmanship and paint finish is among the top Italian builders.  This frame is 52cm sloping seat tube and 54.5 effective top tube.  The head tube measures 145mm.  Asolo features a full carbon Press Fit BB and the famous Sarto sandwich drop outs.  This is an incredible riding frame and now at an incredible price.  Save $2000 on this frame and purchase for $3995



Olmo’s founder was the great champion Giuseppe Olmo and this top model carbon frame is named after his nickname “Gepin”  Like all Olmo models the Gepin is a great value and is equal in ride and quality to the more famous brands.  Gepin is built with the best quality carbon material from Toray and with a frame design and tube shapes to maximize rigidity, lightness and comfort.  The bottom bracket area meets the oversize down tube with extra layers of carbon in order to increase rigidity at this critical area and to increase stability when the descents turn extremely fast.  The very thin seat stays help vertical compliance, smooth out the bumps and offer just the right amount of flex to take the harshness out of the ride.  One ride and you are a true believer in Olmo’s heritage of making outstanding race bikes.  We have 2 Gepin in stock; a 51cm frame with 53.7cm top tube and 138mm head tube and a 54cm with 55 cm top tube and 155mm head tube.  Frames includes frame, fork and headset.  MSRP is $2995 and we offer these last 2 frames for $1995.  We also have great savings on parts kits for your custom Olmo Gepin featuring groups from Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram, wheels from Zipp, Mavic, Fulcrum, Campagnolo, Miche, and PMP.  Why not Gepin with Dura Ace group, Fulcrum Racing 0 wheels, Conti 4000 tires, Deda Zero 100 cockpit and Fizik Arione saddle for $4995!
Call today for your build quote at 717 560 9000



The traditional Olmo for track.  Great bike for fixed gear riding.  Steel frame built with lugs and horizontal track drop outs.  126.5 rear spacing and both frame and fork are drilled for brakes.  Beautiful cream and brown vintage style paint.  We have size 56 and 59 cm frames in stock.  MSRP is $895 and SALE PRICE $495



The smooth flowing lines of the Kurva made this Olmo a very popular model.  Monocoque frame with Toray HM and HT carbon.  Kurva is a great competition bike and epitomizes the Olmo history of high precision racing bikes.  Famous Olmo geometry makes this bike quick and responsive but also stabile and easy to manage.  MSRP is $2695 and SALE PRICE $1495.  Complete bike offer with Campagnolo Potenza kit or Shimano Ultegra kit for $3195.  This is an amazing deal for such a distinctive bike.  Only 1 left and this Kurva measures 55cm sloping with 56.5 cm top tube and 170mm head tube.



We have 2 of these classic Olmo frames left in stock.  Perfect for our big riders they are both 61cm frames.  The San Remo frame is the last lugged steel model produced by Olmo so now is the last chance for a piece of history.  These frames are produced with Columbus New SLX and joined to Olmo’s lugs.  The forks are SL legs joined to a sloping fork crown and are threaded. The San Remo is a magnificent ride that epitomizes the qualities of steel.  Other features are chromed right chain stay, braze on front derailleur tab, Columbus drop outs, Italian threaded BB and “Olmo” pantographed seat lug.  The retro decal set is white with gold outline.  Very nice!  The 61cm frame is 60cm center to center seat tube and 58.5 top tube

MSRP  $1495   Sale Price $995



The Zeffiro VCT is the last made in Italy carbon frame from Olmo.  This frame utilizes small diameter carbon tubes for a classic look and lighter weight.  The frame also comes with integrated seatpost.  Carbon material is Easton’s GX2 carbon developed by Oria and Easton in Italy.  This sub 1000 gram frame is a stunning ride; not too stiff but enough rigidity for fast accelerations, tapered and curved stays for excellent comfort and a GX2 fork for precise and stabile steering.
Only 1 left this frame is 50cm sloping with 54.5 effective top tube length and 150mm head tube.

MSRP for frame set includes frame, fork, headset and seatpost    $3695   SALE PRICE   $2495

Special with Durace Kit and Mavic Ksyrium Pro SL wheels  $5395.  Complete bike weight @ 15 lbs!



The Olmo Millennium is the lightest steel frame built by this historic builder.  The use Dedacciai EOM 16.5 heat treated steel tag welded and with carbon mono box carbon seat stays and chain stays.  The combination of ultralight steel and carbon is a magical ride.  carbon increases rigidity and dampness and reduces weight and the Millennium has all the best properties of these 2 materials.  This frame weighs 3.4 lbs.  We only have 1 left and it is size 55cm with a 55cm top tube.  It is integrated with a full carbon fork.

MSRP  $2795   SALE PRICE  $1595

Complete bike with Campy Chorus kit and Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels is $3750   Call for parts options


The Estremo model is one of the best selling Carrera frames of all time.  The Estremo suits the needs of so many riders from professional rider to Gran Fondo enthusiast to the week end warrior trying to improve his Strava results.  The Carrera Estremo is built in Italy in the laminated carbon tube to tube method.  Each size is flex specific with XL size having more carbon re-inforcement and the S size has less laminates in order to reduce weight.  Tube shapes reduce torsion flex and Carrera uses boron inserts at specific regions of the frame in order to dampen the ride.  We have this Estremo with integrated seatpost in size S.  This is sloping 50cm with 53.8 effective top tube and 140mm head tube.  Only 1 left in stock

MSRP  $3695    SALE PRICE   $2195  With Campagnolo Chorus kit and Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels only $4595


The Estremo model in a lighter version.  This frame weighs 900 grams.  The Estremo Light differentiates from the Estremo by using round tubes.  The Estremo Light also has a titanium mesh reinforcement to the carbon layers to increase strength while keeping weight reduced.  The titanium inserts also contribute to a nice lively ride.  The Estremo Light also showcases Carrera’s quality of work with the exposed carbon weave.  We only have 1 left in size M.  The M size is 54cm sloping seat tube with 55.5 effective top tube and 155mm head tube.

MSRP  $3995   SALE PRICE  $2395   With Shimano Dura Ace kit and Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels only $4995


The modern double arc design epitomizes Carrera leading edge technology and design.  Double Arc solves the dilemma of stiffness for high output performance but with vertical compliance for all day comfort.  The Phibra is constructed with 2 pieces that form the arcs and then the seat tube is inserted throught the top tube to join at the bottom bracket area.  The fork is aero flat section legs and shaped to increase lateral stiffness.  The Phibra is an incredible descending bike with very precise steering and extreme stability.  Phibra Two includes and ISP.  We have M and L left in stock.  The M has an effective 55.5 top tube and 165mm head tube and the L has 56.5 effective top tube and 185mm head tube.  Frame is compatible with electronic shifting

MSRP  $3695   SALE PRICE  $2195.   With Ultegra Di2 electronic group and Mavic Ksyrium wheels for $4995


Italian built carbon in tube to tube construction the Diavolo is a beautiful carbon frame with incredible finish details.  The 1K carbon outer layer is painstakingly joined to match the weave.  The top tube and down tube have an I beam shape with long horizontal indents.  This increases torsion flex and also reduces weight.  The Diavolo was the choice of Carrera’s professional teams and therefore the performance is unsurpassed.  Now you can own an Italian built team frame for the price of mass produced.  You can experience the difference.  We have 2 of these exquisite frames left in stock size S (50cm sloping x 53.8 T.T. and 140mm H.t) and XL (58cm sloping x 57.5 TT and 200mm H.T.)

MSRP  $3995   SALE PRICE  $2195  With Shimano Dura Ace kit and Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels for $4995